Acupuncture is about healing and healing is about unblocking the body’s underlying patterns of imbalance. Whether those imbalances are muscular or energetic in nature It can help you access your body’s total potential of vitality and well being.

When it comes to choosing a therapy for your condition you can feel confident that Acupuncture will serve your ability to live the healthy life style that you desire. Whether you are seeking to have a child, get rid of your neck, back or knee pain; whether you have chronic headaches, sports injuries or are struggling with emotional disorders, we will provide you with the best and most affordable acupuncture therapy around.

When choosing an acupuncturist be sure to go with a well qualified and thoroughly trained practitioner.

Frank Caruso, L.Ac. has extensive clinical experience and training, covering over 10 years, which have prepared him to understand your condition, your disease or whatever issues or maladies you may have. He will help you design an appropriate, logical treatment strategy and assist you in achieving your health goals.