Use Acupuncture When:

  • Cortisone shots no longer work.
  • Surgery, or another surgery, is not an option.
  • Your doctor says, “there is nothing wrong with you” or, “there is nothing more I can do for you.”
  • You are also using massage and exercise.
  • You know the answer is not “more pills”.
  • Your friends have tried it and you’ve been putting it off.

What is an Acupuncture Appointment Like?

When it comes to treating or managing your condition you’ve probably tried many different therapies, each with varying degrees of benefit. If you find yourself thinking there must be something else I can do, your right.

Each visit to an acupuncturist requires about an hour of your time. Your first visit may be longer. After talking with Frank, he will decide what type of treatment you’ll need. The treatment approach will vary depending on the condition and your comfort level. It is customary in Chinese medicine to address all the individual factors lurking at the heart of an illness. This includes diet therapy, sleep habits, activity levels, and emotions.

Choose from our list of conditions that best applies to you – if you don’t see it, call our office.