What is Acupuncture & How it Will Help You

You’ve probably read magazine articles describing what acupuncture is, where it came from, and how it works. Each article leaving you with a healthy dose of skepticism as you wonder about the credibility of Qi, meridians, and blockages.

But Acupuncture, and it’s Chinese medicine roots, are not so mysterious. The mechanisms of action are well understood. When a needle punctures the skin, crossing the skin barrier, the body responds in a similar way it does to any kind of trauma. The acupuncture needle, however, merely creates what can be called a benign micro trauma. There is no risk of infection and the is relatively no pain, but it is enough to trigger areas in the brain and the body to start a healing process. The hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis is one such system activated in response to a skilled acupuncture treatment delivered to the appropriate areas of the body. The body’s response is multi directional and multi faceted, such as the release of anti-inflammatory properties, neurotransmitters, hormones, sympathetic and parasympathetic pathway regulation, increased blood flow to chronic painful areas, and a restorative effect to bodily processes.

The Growth of Acupuncture in Western medicine

More patients are finding great relief from acute and chronic pain, mental illness, IBS, migraines, and various degenerative diseases. They no longer rely so heavily on drugs and habit-forming opiates. More doctors are referring their chronic pain patients to Licensed Acupuncturists. In fact, acupuncture therapy has become so wide spread that practitioners such as physical therapist and chiropractors, typically known for manual body work modalities, use what is called “dry needling”. This is often confused with acupuncture and the work done by Acupuncturists. But Acupuncturists and Chinese medicine doctors are the original dry needlers. Licensed acupuncturists, (L.Ac., or Dipl. Ac.) have the most extensive training when it comes to needle therapy. They have the maximum training in clinical hours and classroom study; their knowledge should be the standard you require for applied needling and acupuncture therapy. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve: Quality, Safety and Efficacy. So when receiving a treatment at Caruso Acupuncture, you can feel confident that the most qualified practitioner is on the job.