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Mr. Caruso runs a great practice. He is well educated and I trust him fully to help with my bad lower back diagnosis. After visiting the top back doctors at the Cleveland Clinic I was disappointed that my back would always be this way unless I had surgery. Not the case. Acupuncture is the way to go. It helps my recover from an acute spell and it feels great. No pain. Nothing to worry about. I was skeptical but now I am an advocate. Thanks Dr Caruso

-Ryan F. Yelp Review

Frank Caruso is an outstanding acupuncturist. Beautiful, tranquil, and clean office. He helped and guided me tremendously with infertility .The acupuncture helped bring me to a more relaxed state and he new the exact locations to bring more blood flow. Happy to announce I am currently pregnant with twins! Thank you Frank Caruso and Alison! Forever grateful.

-Rebecca J. Google Review

Dr. Frank has helped me with various issues over the years from an inflamed knee, to stomach bloating. I prefer not to use drugs if at all possible, so I really appreciate what Frank can do with his magic needles.

-Simon E. Google Review

The entire experience is so zen from beginning to end. I felt like from the moment I walked through his door that I walked into another dimension. Franks carries a wealth of knowledge in alternative health and his energy is so grounding. I came in for treatment in anxiety and I haven’t felt this grounded in….ever ha. Thanks Frank. I Can’t wait to come back!

-Spencer G.

Kind, caring and thorough. Comprehensive care for all types of pain and ailments. No need to fear it, its painless, simple and effective. I have been going here for 10 years for migraines, cant live without it.

-Kristen K.

I was referred by my physician while going through fertility treatment. He’s wonderful and caring, and I did acupuncture treatments in conjunction with IVF, resulting in my beautiful, healthy, happy baby girl! I definitely recommend this as a complementary part to your infertility journey.

-Valerie D.

He gets right to the point helps you with your pain he makes sure his patients are comfortable and provided for he listens and is very compassionate with you he listens and then explains what he will be doing to help you. I have always recommended frank to just about everyone I know my husband didn’t think acupuncture would help him and Frank helped with his pain issues. He don’t advertise so that is why we the patients need to help be his testimony!

-Laura Buza

My name is Justina and I am a school teacher. Prior to starting acupuncture, I had back surgery, numerous spinal blocks and a lot of physical therapy, but with no significant relief. I have numerous problems from upper and lower back pain, pelvic pain from c-section 17 years ago, hip pain, neck pain and all over leg pain. I was not able to bend over to do any housework. I had pain while standing, working around or sitting. It was difficult to climb stairs because of knee and ankle pain. I have taken pain medications without relief but ended up with more side effects. My Doctor in sports medicine after sending me to different pain management specialists without relief decided to send me to Frank Caruso. At first, I was a little unsure about how painful and how helpful this was going to be. After about 6 to 8 weeks of weekly treatments, I started having a lot of relief. I was very excited and very happy about having less pain. I started doing housework again, started cooking more without having a lot of pain on my legs. I started walking about three miles at least 5 to 6 times per week. Generally , I feel great and have had a lot of energy. I am more active in my life right now without as much pain as before. I am still a work in progress hoping to be pain free with the help of acupuncture from Frank. Instead of going for acupuncture once a week, I am now going once every two weeks. Thank you Frank for helping me live life again!
-Justina O. Amherts, OH

I went to see Frank for acupuncture for chronic sinusitis. I would average 3-4 sinus infections throughout the year – requiring doctors visits, missed time from work, two cat-scans and expensive antibiotics and steroids. the infections were often severe enough to cause hives. In addition, for years I was on a daily regimen of Motrin, Afrin, Sudafed to try and dull the headaches and sinus pressure. I began seeing Frank and for 18 months now I have had ONE sinus infection – the result of a bad cold. After my first session I felt relief in the sinus area right in my forehead which is where I always had pain. Since the first session I have stopped ALL over-the-counter medications for sinus related issues. Because acupuncture worked so well for me I also received treatments for a neck injury as well as to counter the side effects of ending prescribed medications. again, after a handful of sessions, for each issue, the acupuncture worked. Acupuncture and Frank have been wonderful for me. I would highly recommend this type of treatment to anyone. I have recently started bringing my children, ages 5 and 7 to Frank for digestive and allergy issues.
-Kelli K. Westlake, OH

I would like to thank Frank Caruso for helping improve my life! Helping my arthritis in hips and feet. Frank and staff are very kind and understanding.
Three Cheers!!!
-Dorthy Parma, OH

The most relaxing atmosphere I have ever seen for a doctor’s office. Beautiful receptionist, very nice and professional greeting. Frank is very good at listening to what your pain is, and pulling out all stops to help you with them. If you have pain and miss dealing with a nice professional atmosphere, and leaving feeling like the doctor care for you and took the time to treat you to the best of there ability, this is the place to come.

-Desmond K. Yelp Review

I have suffered from chronic sciatica pain for over 30 years. In just a few sessions with Caruso Acupuncture I can tell you I am pain free for the first time in years! I highly recommend folks with chronic pain to look into this option. I know I am glad I did.

-John H. Google Review


-Phillip O. Google Review

Very knowledgable about how diet significantly affects the quality of life. He’s been able to help me control my acid reflux and eliminate the medication. I would agree with the other reviews; he’s very kind and gentle.

-Jessica A.

When you need to get the best care, you go to the best. Frank is the best. I never once felt uncomfortable or unsure of his care during the months I received treatment. I’ve never been as healthy as I was while following his diet and lifestyle change suggestions combined with my treatments. Give him a call, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

-Michelle K.

Very pleased!!! Just had procedure!! Feel relief – not quite pain free – but oh my goodness what a difference. Frank was very professional , caring and informative!!! Already scheduled my next visit!!! Thank you Frank!!!

-Mary Neely

Hi Frank – I want to say thank you and you’re a God sent with a wonderful gift. I came into the office at 12:15 yesterday, not knowing what to expect. All I knew is that I was in a lot of constant pain. With only one session acupuncture gave me relief. I am starting to feel like my old self again. I can concentrate at work and not think about pain all the time. I do look forward to learning more about acupuncture and all the benefits it can give with improvement to my health and different areas of pain in my body. You’re truly a God sent and I will share my journey with acupuncture treatment with whomever I come in contact with. I will be seeing you after my vacation.

I can’t thank you enough. I am amazed!!!

Keep up the great work….:)
-Tracey R. Avon, OH

I can’t say enough about my experience with acupuncture. I suffered with cluster headaches on a daily basis for 25 years. I tried everything, meds, chiropractic to no avail. Two treatments with acupuncture and zero headaches for 4 months now.
Thank You, Frank!
-Susan Berlin Heights, OH

I recently had total knee replacement but still suffered from both arthritis and fibromyalgia pain throughout my body. A friend suggested acupuncture. After visits with several doctors and a tray full of pills, I decided to give it a try. Mr. Caruso carefully sorted through and prioritized my areas of pain and the treatments began, about 10 in all. Today the pain in my knee is completely gone, and the back pain is greatly subsided and my energy has increased! Best of all I’m almost completely off my pain medications. Soon I’ll be pain free for the first time in 7 years.
-Judy B. Elyria, OH

Taken from an article in the Sun Sentinel
After experiencing back spasms, Leslie B from Bay Village found that Frank treats back pain. “I’ve never had total relief before,” she said. “He totally got rid of it.” since then Leslie B has referred one of her daughters to Frank, explaining that he’s cured her migraines with regular monthly acupuncture treatments.
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Kind, caring and thorough. Comprehensive care for all types of pain and ailments. No need to fear it, its painless, simple and effective. I have been going here for 10 years for migraines, cant live without it.

Kristen Keglovich